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Who We Are

Crafted furniture for life away.

Strongly rooted in the heart of the Midwest and always made in the USA, we produce exclusive, customized brand designs as well as standard product collections. Since the early 1930s we have been a true manufacturer from lumberyard to finish line providing comfort, customization and convenience for all of our customers.

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"At Jasper Group, our most important job is to make sure that our business remains strong for future generations and for our local communities. For over 100 years we’ve worked hard to create and preserve the legacy that is Jasper Group for the next generation. We plan to leave this world a little better than we found it."

Mike Wagner

Built for the people and places that you love the most. Sustainable for future generations.

Simple statements that have powerfully been the compass for our company for over a century. From the way we build our furniture to the way we interact with anyone we meet, it is ingrained in the fabric of Jasper Group and woven through our brands, JSI and Klem. It reflects a philosophy of community commitment, responsible growth, and investment where it matters. It reflects a culture and a purpose that is simple, the most important job we have is to ensure a strong business for future generations to foster and grow our local communities.

Mike Wagner

President & CEO

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The values that define who we are

We obsess over customer needs.

We are devoted to their needs and our greatest passion is providing the best products and services, time and time again.

We are family.

Our ardent desire is to create meaningful connections. Within our walls and beyond, our focus on people is the heart of who we are.

We are better together.

We embrace differences and support teammates. We share our skills and knowledge to become one unstoppable team that pushes each other to achieve great things.

We act with integrity.

We are honest, transparent, and respectful. We are committed to doing what’s right for our customers, our company, and our community.

We lead by example.

We roll up our sleeves and aim to set the highest standards. We are humble in our actions, act with a sense of urgency, and never give up.

We have a founders’ spirit.

We celebrate our history and never lose focus on sustainability for future generations. We are curious and resourceful with an unending desire to learn and grow.

We love what we do.

We take pride in our craft. We embrace the challenges, relish the adventure, and have a little fun along the way!

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The array of products, construction techniques & materials we’ve had the opportunity to create has been vast and has expanded our portfolio of capabilities over the years. Partner with our PM team to bring your ideas to life on time and on budget. Our mindset is simple - you dream it, we build it.


We make all of our products right here in the Midwest - Jasper, Indiana. That means lower freight cost, short lead times, competitive pricing, issue resolution & staged shipping to fit your construction schedule. We make your project run smoothly.